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Q. But I'm only a one-person operation.
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A. Because small businesses deal with smaller amounts of money and budgets are tighter, it becomes even more important to keep track of your operation's finances. Puersten Bookkeeping specializes in the unique needs of small businesses.
Q. Why do I need a bookkeeper?
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A. All businesses need to keep track of their financial information, primarily so that they can evaluate the health of their business ventures. Without feedback, it is impossible to make reasonable decisions or to successfully plan for future business operations. Puersten Bookkeeping can assist you by tracking your financial transactions and presenting you with reports to keep you informed about your business.
Q. But I can't afford to hire a bookkeeper.
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A. Actually, you can't afford NOT to hire a bookkeeper. Many small businesses fail in the first five years, mainly because they do not keep their financial records properly. An awareness of your income and expenses allows you to have a realistic grasp of the health of your business, and helps you to plan for the future.
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Call Now - (647) 885-9321

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